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What is EngagePro?

EngagePro is an easy to use package of personal relationship building tools that as you use them in only a few minutes a day is proven will turn the people you know or meet into the results you’re wanting.  Most often these results are new sales, introductions to prospects or referrals and even new supporters for those in the non-profit sector.

How does EngagePro work?

Its pretty simple. We know that people do business with and refer those people they “know, like and trust.” And also, that trust is best created by having highly engaged relationships where you’re always focused first on the interests of the people you’re seeking to grow with. As it is, however, very few understand specifically how to build engaged relationships and how to turn that into results. EngagePro changes all that and unlike any other tool, social media, or your CRM, is proven to help you close new sales. 

Who is EngagePro for?

The system was specifically developed and proven to work for all type professional services providers as well as SMBs. Additionally, non-profits have raised millions in support a year using the tools of EngagePro to help fulfill their missions.

What results should I expect when I use it?

The typical EngagePro user seeking new clients or referrals will see results starting in just a few days using our “Fast Start” tools. Then, by just following the guidance of the EngagePro tools and focusing on only 20-30 people, one usually gains 8-10 high quality introductions every month.

How much time will I need to get results?

Again, we urge focusing on 20-30 people who will be known as your core (or your A-list). Staying on track with these people will need about 10-15 minutes a day and produce amazing results. We’ll also show you more ways to add important people, yet the time needed to work with them is significantly less.

Is my information private?

Absolutely! In addition to our technology being secure, there’s no sharing of information on your contacts with other EngagePro subscribers and we never contact the people you may be focusing on using EngagePro. More when you do reach out to your people, the communications are always from you and never from us.

I’m not very technical… how difficult is it to use?

We’ve purposely made EngagePro easy to use by business people. So many advanced tools have challenging user interfaces and options. EngagePro is focused on helping you build relationships with people important to your success, outside of the noise of social media and complicated CRM-like tools and to simply get you results.

Where did EngagePro come from?

The founder of EngagePro, Thomas Gay, was also the founder of 22Touch Referrals and globally recognized Both firms provided success making referral software to thousands of professionals. Importantly, Tom used these exact methods to build a successful CEO coaching business gaining 30 clients in just 18 months all by referral.

Is there training and support?

Absolutely… Every Friday at 1PM Pacific there’s a “Getting Started Accelerator” Zoom call. Then upon joining EngagePro, there’s a ”Fast Start” guide showing you the initial steps to get going. We'll send you info on the Friday meetings when you get started.

Turning connections into Results!

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