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Introducing ChatBridge

The ChatBridge tool automatically converts your saved Zoom chat results into a usable follow-up leads list to get results from virtual networking meetings.

Here’s why ChatBridge and EngagePro is so valuable in our world of virtual networking

  • Now it’s so easy to select and follow-up with the people you meet in your virtual meetings. Remember, the value in virtual networking is in the follow-up!
  • Never let a important new relationships slip away with the EngagePro automated “keep-in-touch” tools.
  • Easily grow trust and relationships when you make each conversation about the personal interests of others with the EngagePro AI-enabled “Intelligent Connector.”
  • Turn the people you meet in networking into prospects, JV partners, referrals and grow your sales.
  • Use EngagePro to apply the tools you need to rapidly create “know-like-trust” relationships to build your network, grow your influence and increase results.

What we offer

Import Chat Posts

ChatBridge imports the chat posts only where the virtual meeting attendees provided an email address.

Review and Select Contacts

You can review the imported chat contacts and select one or all to import into EngagePro.

Preview Posts for Valuable Information before Importing

Also, you can review the post before selecting one to import to see if there’s a name or details that may be valuable in your following up.

Efficient Post Saving with EngagePro Connector

The entire post will be saved after you select and import those in a new EngagePro Connector page for each individual.

Excludes Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate chat posts will be excluded from the import and a contact is also not imported if the contact email is already active in your EngagePro Contacts.

Auto-Tagging Imported Contacts

The contacts you import are automatically tagged and labeled into a group in EngagePro based on the label of the file that you imported into Chatbridge. We recommend that you rename the files with the name of the meeting and date so they become easily recognizable inside of EngagePro.

Best Practices Suggest

After you import a group, best practices suggest reaching out immediately to the people you want to followup with, then set a "next contact date up so that you begin building engagement and trust.

Easily Manage Your Relationships

If you find that you've added names where you no longer want to keep active or stay in touch with, its easy to delete them or "snooze" them from your Contacts page.

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